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Industry News

Top Headlines from glassBYTEs Auto Glass News -

Chrysler Recalls Certain Dodge Caravans Due to Air Bag Defect

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has issued a recall on certain Chrysler vehicles, specifically certain 2011-2012 Dodge Grand Caravan vehicles due to an air bag defect. According to the notice, approximately 209,135 vans are affected.  The recall states, … Full Story

TODAY’S BLOG: Auto Glass Installation and the Internet

“Isn’t the Internet a wonderful thing? It’s at our fingertips to entertain, communicate, challenge and inform. When I was growing up, all I had was a library card and the Encyclopedia Britannica. Now anything you want to know, see or experience is right there on Google. Or is it?” –Bob Beranek Full Story

Fuyao Chairman Takes Aim at New York Times, Media

The chairman of Fuyao Glass Industry Group is dismissing reports that his Moraine-based American company is experiencing labor tensions. Full Story

Auto Glass Week™ Adds WRD Glass Tools Inc. to Its Line-Up

Canada-based WRD Glass Tools Inc. adds its name to the top-notch list of companies sponsoring Auto Glass Week™ this year as a Cobalt sponsor. Be sure not to miss the event’s three exciting days of activities designed with the auto … Full Story

Ford Demonstrates Self-Driving Fusion at Mcity

At the University of Michigan's Mcity proving grounds for autonomous cars, Ford engineers on Wednesday rolled out a fleet of self-driving Fusions and let reporters ride in the backseat. The cars successfully piloted themselves around the faux city landscape, top speed around 25 mph. The cars correctly read stop lights, negotiated turns, identified pedestrians—real ones, not dummies—and cyclists in the road, and interacted without drama. More than that, the cars drove themselves smoothly. Full Story

Ladder Falls Off Pickup, Smashes into Police Truck

PUYALLUP, Wash. -- Two Pierce County deputies were not hurt when a ladder fell off a truck and smashed into their windshield Wednesday. And the driver of the truck was then arrested for suspicion of DUI. Full Story

Former Employee Amends Complaint against Fuyao Glass America    

Two former Fuyao Glass America employees have joined Julia Staggs in the lawsuit against the auto glass manufacturer. Staggs, John Greene and Stephen Newman (Plaintiffs) are suing the company for alleged unpaid wages and unpaid overtime. Greene began working at … Full Story

Glass Company to Help Replace Shattered Windows with New Law

DENVER – One company is helping out with replacement windows after a new law goes into effect that will allow strangers to break into a vehicle if a child or pet is in danger. Full Story